Charcoal Personal Care Kit

Rs. 1,147.00

Product Details :-

  • Shampoo:
    • Detoxify your hair with our Charcoal Shampoo.
    • Deep-cleansing formula removes impurities and excess oil.
    • Achieve a refreshed scalp, voluminous hair.
  • Face Wash:
    • Reveal clear skin with our Charcoal Face Wash.
    • Activated charcoal unclogs pores and absorbs toxins.
    • Experience a renewed complexion with every wash.
  • Conditioner:
    • Hydrate and strengthen with our Charcoal Conditioner.
    • Infused with charcoal extracts for enhanced nourishment.
    • Enjoy soft, manageable hair with a healthy, natural shine.

Shampoo 300 ML

Conditioner 300 ML

Face Wash 100 ML