Himalayan Rose Shampoo

Rs. 399.00

Girly and gorgeous, just like you - introducing our natural hair shampoo in the exquisite flavor of Himalayan Rose! Delicately infused with the essence of rose petals, our shampoo will transport you to a dreamy garden of blooming flowers, where the gentle breeze carries the sweet fragrance of roses. With its nourishing formula enriched with botanical extracts, our shampoo gently cleanses your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and beautifully scented. The Himalayan Rose in our shampoo is sourced from the pristine hills of the Himalayas, where it blooms in all its splendor, untouched by pollutants or toxins. Indulge in the heavenly luxury of our Himalayan Rose shampoo and feel like the beautiful, radiant goddess you truly are!